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Self Governance

The pursuit of true socio-economic independence is emphasized through progressive civic education among LDO members. MADET aims to achieve self-sustaining community based organizations.
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Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (W.A.S.H)

Safe water and improved cleanliness. MADET commits to mobilize resources both financial and human capital to facilitate access to clean water in all of the six Makueni sub-counties.
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Women Empowerment

Our mission to empower women is essential to the health and social development of families and communities within Makueni County. MADET through CSOs championing women issues is committed to their fulfilment.
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69% of CSOs in Makueni County focus on agricultural activities, mainly animal and fruit farming. MADET supports their activities by equipping them with best farming practices to improve the quality of production signifcantly.
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Natural Resource Management

Through, mainly tree planting and water harvesting, MADET in partnership with member CSOs, aims to reclaim huge parcels of land to sustain the environment and improve farm produce.
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In collaboration with Makueni County Government and member CSOs, this program mitigates barriers to quality education more so to children from vulnerable backgrounds through financial and mentorship mobilization.
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The need to learn impact-route strategies to MADET efforts is a continued process. As an umbrella program, Research brings in knowledge and facts to improve both understanding and decision-making during execution.