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Clean Cooking Energy Research

Our collaborative partnership between Makueni Development Trust (MADET) and esteemed institutions such as KTH Royal Institute and Strathmore University has yielded significant insights into clean cooking practices within Makueni Sub County. Through this partnership, we conducted comprehensive research aimed at understanding the current landscape of clean cooking methods and their adoption within the community.

This research initiative involved a systematic approach, combining the expertise of our partners with the local knowledge and insights of community members. We organized Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) in key wards of Makueni, including Mavindini, Kathonzweni, Nzakika, and Kikumini/Muvau. These FGDs brought together a diverse range of stakeholders, including community members, local leaders, and representatives from relevant organizations.

Furthermore, we conducted extensive market research activities in strategic locations such as Wote Town and Kathonzweni Market. These efforts aimed to identify existing clean cooking business entities and gather insights into market dynamics, consumer preferences, and challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the sector.

Through these collaborative research endeavors, we were able to uncover valuable insights into the state of clean cooking practices within Makueni Sub County. These insights have informed our recommendations and interventions aimed at promoting the adoption of cleaner cooking methods and fostering sustainable development within the community.

This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration between academia, local organizations, and community stakeholders in addressing pressing challenges and driving positive change within our communities.

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